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cumberland avionics
Cumberland Avionics has been serving Middle Tennessee with avionics upgrades and aircraft repair for over a decade. We specialize in Garmin glass cockpit installations, and we provide maintenance services on everything from light sport aircraft to Gulstream IVs.

We provide a host of services including: Airframe and powerplant repair / replacement, annual/100 hour inspections, and all manner of avionics and autopilot diagnosis, repair, and installations.

Our latest install:
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Nestled in the hills just to the west of Nashville, TN, John C. Tune (KJWN) airport boasts a 5,500 foot runway and a host of FBO services that make it an ideal location to come for your maintenance and upgrade needs. Come stay a few days and visit the sights and sounds of Nashville just a few short minutes away while we get your bird in fighting shape!

Our facility:
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